Coaching micro-retreat

A blissful day to focus entirely on you and your creative ideas

from £100 

Sometimes you just need to take some time out to focus on your business or creative idea with no distractions and someone who just ‘gets it’ working alongside you.

I absolutely love a retreat and believe that the environment we work in can have such a positive impact on our work. Being close to nature helps me to focus – there’s nothing better for my creative flow than escaping the chores and the day-to-day routine and traditional meeting rooms and work from somewhere a bit different and inspiring.


I’ll help you to get all your thoughts and ideas down on paper, and together we’ll talk it all through and come up with a plan. We’ll spend some quality time distilling your thoughts until we get to the essence of you and what your services or value you want to bring to the world.


Together we’ll simplify and refine your ideas and bring out all the bits which you might overlook yourself. These are the bits which will set you apart from everyone else and help your content writing to flow more easily – because it will be a natural extension of who you are.

We’ll weave together some words for you to use as the basis for your communications telling your story and thinking about how people will truly connect with you. We’ll also look towards the future to see what you’d like this to become.


If you’ve had a niggling feeling for a while that you’d like to stretch your creative wings and see where they take you, perhaps talking it all through on a dedicated coaching day is exactly what you need. It might be a vast unknown at the moment but I’m on your side and want you to fly as much as you do.

I’ll be there for you to keep you on track and coach you through it. This day is all about you and is designed to bring things to the surface that you might not have considered before – it’s a day to feel inspired and come away with some new ideas, a plan of action and a positive outlook on what the future might hold for you.

You’ll also get one of my seasonal wall planners to keep your new action plan on track.


If this sounds like something you’d benefit from I’d love to hear from you. Drop me an email and I’ll answer any questions you have.