I’m Joanna Reed, an illustrator and print designer based in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

I love fine-liner pens, handmade paper, calligraphy and drawing from nature. I have a range of thoughtful kindness cards and seasonal wall planners behind which is a heartfelt sentiment of wanting to support and encourage fellow creatives who are working hard to bring realise creative dreams. 

As well as producing my own work, I offer illustration and design services to botanically inspired creatives who are looking for a simple look and feel for their business. I have a background (and a degree) in marketing and use my combined experience to dig beneath the surface and work with you to capture the true essence of your brand.

Above all else, I hope I can inspire you during your creative journey and encourage you to always keep your eye on nature and the seasons.


The ethos behind Jasper & Rose:

Make precious moments / create better habits / find time to think / notice more / get closer to nature / be you / seek calm / find joy in simplicity / support each other / make things often / nurture creative ideas / gather with like-minded souls / grow in confidence