Autumn colours (and my gentle launch)


I’m still snuggled warmly under the duvet at 10 am working on my laptop. I’ve not opened the curtains or peeked out, but I know it’s chilly out there. I can hear the wind whistling and blowing the wheelie bin lids. If I really listen, there’s also the intermittent squawk of the Red Kites as they swoop above the houses, enjoying the power of the stormy gusts.

It feels good to have had a such a slow and reflective start to the day –  these moments are usually most productive as I’m totally focused on what I’m doing. I don’t work half as well when I’m stealing time or juggling activities. Finding a calm retreat (even if it’s just for an hour) really helps me to focus and get things done.

I don’t have a list of jobs or chores to do today, I only have this. I’m cocooned here, feeling relaxed and at the same time, super excited about my ideas for Jasper & Rose and – determined to write this introduction for you to read.

I’ve made some good progress this past week. I’ve just finished the ‘about’ page which you can read here. I know it’s only a single web page, but it feels like really a good step forward. In my mind, that’s Jasper & Rose officially launched. No fuss, no marketing fanfare. It just doesn’t need it. If you were doing the same, and you were evolving a business which you wanted to grow naturally and organically – I’d probably advise you to do the same. Take the time (however long that may be) to make it look as lovely as you can, make sure it feels like ‘you’, keep it simple and, work on the words until you can communicate your purpose in a way that is easy to understand. 

I’ve been holding Jasper & Rose in my mind for a couple of years now and it’s only in the past few months that I have spent the time to really question what it’s really about and what I want to achieve. So, here’s what I hope it will become…

I hope it will become a place where you can get to know me and find inspiration, help and support so that you can bring your own ideas into reality. I want to set a gorgeous mood of calm and share my love of nature and the changing of the seasons.

I’d really like for you to join me on my creative journey and I’d love for us to learn from each other and…maybe meet at a creative gathering one day.

It’s time to get started.



Photos from late Autumn


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